Enterprise Management

INFISA Group, and more specifically INFISA Consultoría y Aplicaciones, is specialized in software implementation both proprietary and from third parties.

Its main target is to achieve its Clients loyalty, that together with our over fifteen year expertise, allows the company to choose the quickest and most adequate solution to their needs.

Time saving, integrated systems, strategic alignment, are some of the benefits provided by INFISA to its Clients.



It is a Financial Management Solution for large to middle size Corporations, that provides:

  • Reliable and Up date information. Treasury, Currencies and Interest Rate.
  • Forecasting. According to different forecasting environments and sensitivity to P&L Analysis.
  • Financial deals settlement.
  • Financing, Investment & Derivatives Management.
  • Administrative Tasks.
  • Accountant entries and banking confirmations.
  • Statistics. Business per Financial Company
  • Management Reports Financial Reports (average outstanding debt and interest rates, financial expenses, Board Meeting reports…) consolidated or per company.

¿What offers SIMS*AFIN?

SIMS*AFIN has a wide enough functional scope, as to solve the most exacting demands of financial departments in a most reliable and efficient way.

  • Risk Control Exchange Rates, Interest Rates, de Liquidity, Third Parties, Coverings, etc.
  • Analysis & Forecasting
    Projections, Average Balances & Interest rates, both in euros and foreign currencies, Financing Improvement, Deals IRR, Financial Instruments IRR, both with or without covering, exchange rate variations adjustment simulation.
  • Communications Banking Communications and Confirmations, Investments, Financing, Derivatives, etc.
  • Accountancy Banking Cash-flows, Accruals (interest rates and other expenses), Long to Short Term Transfers, expense capitalization, manual entries (corrections), Exchange Rates Variations adjustment entries.

Advantages SIMS*AFIN

SIMS*AFIN is developed on ORACLE tools (Designer & Developer), which grants the user a safe and solid product, with the following aspect:

  1. Web.
  2. Graphic users’ interface.
  3. Multi-currency & Multi-company.
  4. Excel compatible.
  5. Quick and easy User’s Queries(Discoverer).
  6. Integrated with other Enterprise Systems, such as SAP.
  7. FINANCIAL, Reuter, Telerate, Cerg Finance, E-Cash…

That together with controls, helps, alarms and list of values in the system, makes of SIMS*AFIN SAFE, FLEXIBLE, INTUITIVE and FRIENDLY financial manager.

Why invest in SIMS*AFIN?

On top of the previous advantages of SIMS*AFIN, that widely recommend the system, we may add that:

  • SIMS*AFIN is a completely Spanish software, developed by INFISA Consultoría y Aplicaciones, that may be easily customized to the user.
  • A high level maintenance team gives a quick and efficient answer to any doubt that may arise.
  • INFISA Consultoría y Aplicaciones has a big team of IT professionals, with financial applications expertise, this grants the adjustment of the system to market changes
  • SIMS*AFIN implementation, customizing and training included, is quick and simple.
  • SIMS*AFIN is the best result of a close cooperation between INFISA Consultoría y Aplicaciones and the financial departments of some of the largest companies in Spain.

The Traditional Planning Models based on parameters have already evolved into others based in high competence. The GEFI “WCM Dynamic” model and tools, provide a new solution at the disposal of financial departments and of the Senior Executives of the Company, to support decision making and the implementation of strategies leading to success

The methods and methodologies used up till now, have proved insufficient for an efficient assessment of future opportunities, and even less adequate for the evaluation of risks and different alternatives.

The parameters and indicators, local and global, are constantly evolving, and supported by technology even faster. Therefore, high competence and company management centres, must take this into account and change with the times.

The “WCM Dynamic” proposed model, enables Financial Departments to take the initiative towards a management based on reality but with a strong commitment towards predictive models.

The main drivers for ‘WCM Dynamic’ are:

  • Knowledge of results and historical series.
  • Systematic analysis of customers, suppliers, financial institutions and public administration.
  • Multiple predictive environments.
  • Calculation and evolution of strategic models.

All this should enable the decision taking support to focus on actions such as:

  • Get a rapid knowledge of reality.
  • Strengthen and / or develop business lines.
  • Establish policies with customers, suppliers, etc.
  • Anticipate on product or relationship strategies.
  • Identify and neutralize risks



GeFi tools

The “WCM Dynamic” methodology development is closely linked to information management, its validation, organisation and quick evaluation under multiple environments.

For that purpose GeFi was developed. GeFi is an application suites that provides everything required to fit each corporation and enrich the model with the information and the necessary calculation potential.

The main features of GeFi are:

  • Unified and modular platform,
  • Multi-company and multi-currency
  • Three layers design, with browser and service interfaces
  • With standards for integration with leading ERP, as well as proprietary systems
  • With powerful and quick simulation engines

CyberFinancial, Intelligence in Recovery

In a Company, it is not only necessary to devise winning business strategies and significant market share. If our customers fail to pay, it will become a burden for our company difficult to overcome. And it is basic to know how to deal with this, in order to collect in the quickest and completest manner and with the smallest cost possible, maintaining a loyal customer relationship.

CyberFinancial is a complete modular solution that covers from end to end the recovery process.

Internal recovery (including early recovery), recovery from branches, recovery by external agencies, legal recovery, write-offs, or management of allocated assets.


To achieve this, CyberFinancial uses business intelligence, which, in the area of recovery, involves understanding the types of debts and debtors, accounts value and credit capabilities, establishing winning strategies for each recovery segment debt / debtor and assessing the results to improve them, using methods such as Champion Challenger.

In the process of global recovery, there are several participants (Recovery Agencies, Legal Offices, Credit Portfolio and Allocated Assets Managers, etc.), and for all of them, it is important to effectively manage their participation.

CyberFinancial includes the allocation and reallocation of portfolios to the different external agents, based on business rules and using decision trees, the recovery efficiency valuation in order to reallocate portfolios (goal setting and commissions calculation are fundamental to the success of the recovery), as well as the delivery of the portfolios to different law firms in the legal phase and the control of legal deadlines and legal costs.

CyberFinancial was developed by INFFINIX SOFTWARE, and it is an outstanding solution for global recovery worldwide, although we can find in Centre and South America its most important references, since the problem of recovery has been historically significant in this area.

Many of the most important banks (North American, Mexican, Brazilian, Chilean, etc.), have implemented CyberFinancial.

Some of the most important international Utility companies (Communications, Energy, etc.) have also implemented this solution.

Major Retail international groups have improved their recovery area management, thanks to CyberFinancial.

Finance Companies, Recovery Agencies and other companies from different sectors are also successfully using CyberFinancial to improve their Recovery area.

In recent years, companies have experienced and acquired a great deal of knowledge both on internal and external markets, and so, business development scenarios have similarly experienced, both a considerable increase of opportunities and a high complexity level.

Because of that, very frequently, strategic growth and diversification schemes have had to be adapted similarly, creating new business, production, or financing models.

In these areas, INFISA, based in its knowledge and expertise, has developed models and tools, to support planning, management and control of complex fixed assets investment operations.

As main reference, SIMS*GIR, is a Global Fixed Assets Investment & Financing Management System. The main features of “SIMS*GIR”, are the following:

  • Based in independent, though integrated, modules (Security, Administration, Budgets, Purchase Management, Financial Management, Operations Management and Reporting)
  • Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-lingual
  • Allows interface with order systems and company accountancy.
  • Customized work-flows allow suitable processes for each company needs.
  • The budgetary module enables design and definition of different purchase orders control and monitoring levels, and also of analytics and allocations.
  • The commercial purchase orders management module involves the full business cycle including: needs registration, appraisal, authorization, supplier choice and physical inventory of items.
  • Integrated with the commercial purchase orders management module, the financing module covers the administration and management of their financing, through risk control lines with financial companies, and contracts registration with details, all of this integrated with the company treasury and finances systems.
  • Financial instruments, by default, are: leasing and renting, complementary instruments are lease-back or loans.
  • Integrated with the financial module, there are several functions that cover financing deals conditions management, collections and payments management and control, and leasing and renting invoices registration.