About us

INFISA Group has been in the Market for over 20 years, providing its Clients with Consultancy & IT Services & Solutions, granting Clients satisfaction and reliance and maximizing the return on investment of their projects.

The following companies are part of INFISA GROUP:

  • Infisa Consultoría y Aplicaciones.
  • Infisa Outsourcing.
  • Informática Financiera Integral.

INFISA Group based in four strategic areas: Financial Products, Financial & Market Consulting, Customized Software, Software Distribution and Services Outsourcing, provides its clients with innovative and value added solutions.

Along all these years, INFISA has developed a wide expertise in IT & Business Solutions and an interesting Clients Portfolio that includes some of the largest companies and financial corporations in Spain and Central and South America.

Our culture is based on the following principles:

Commitment. INFISA has its main focus on its clients, on their highest satisfaction and benefit, to achieve this target the Company dedicates the best efforts of its Professional Team.

Knowledge. Knowledge and experience on financial matters, and our expertise on the most outstanding technologies and methodologies, are some of our main assets.

Reliability. The Responsibility, the Professionalism and the Integrity of our Professional Team, has allowed us to maintain long and fruitful relations along these years with our Clients, Partners and Suppliers.

Quality. The use of first level methodologies in our projects, grants the high quality level that our clients deserve from our products and services.

Compliance. One of our main principles is the compliance with our commitments and with every obligation required in our professional activities.

INFISA Group began its activities in Madrid, in 1991, as an experienced Bank & Finances professionals company, which offered standard and customized IT Solutions to the market, mainly ORACLE based.

In the following years, new activity areas were launched, the target market widened and new technologies like .Net and J2EE were incorporated.

In the 90s, INFISA Group started to develop its own products, concerning Banking Portfolios Management, Treasury and Finances. In the late 90s, the ERP division was created, working with Oracle Financials & Spyro, among others.

The Outsourcing and Technological Assistance Divisions, which started as complementary business areas, widened INFISA Technological scope and allowed its professional team a highest satisfaction level by giving them the chance to move among different projects both internal and external, considering their preferences and their training needs.

In 2007, the South Spain Division was created based in Seville.

In 2012, Infisa developed an international expansion strategic plan focused in Central and South America, more specifically oriented to the Mexican and Colombian markets, and their surrounding influence area. In the near future Infisa intends to widen our focus some new markets such as Peru, Ecuador and Panama.

Also in 2012, Infisa reached an agreement with Inffinix Software to distribute their outstanding product, the collection management software CyberFinancial in Spain, Portugal and Colombia.

In 2013, Infisa Outsourcing SAS, the Colombian subsidiary was founded.

By the end of 2013, Infisa signs a VAR partner agreement with SAP in Colombia.

During 2014, the company has participated in some important projects in the area.

INFISA Group main future projects are:

  • New activities and diversified portfolio.
  • Triple revenue and staff in a three year period.
  • Build strategic partnerships with other IT companies to widen our target.
  • Establish Infisa as a Financial Software reference in the Colombian and Mexican Market.
  • Expand business to new markets such as Peru, Ecuador Panama and Portugal.



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