Through this business area, INFISA develops its commitment with the organizations to promote and favour their suitable decision making, and solution taking according to their strategies and expectations, following objective criteria and internal value creation oriented.

INFISA considers strategic consultancy to involve the development of high added value activities and services, in order to provide and deploy innovating business solutions, to come up with planned and quantifiable results, and settle, maximize and promote the global development of such organizations.

More precisely, the different kind of strategic consultancy projects offered by INFISA are:

  • Economic and Financial Strategy.
  • Reorganizing Strategy (fixed assets, current assets, stocks, financial resources, knowledge management strategy).
  • Cost Models and Scoring.
  • Strategic Business Development.
  • Production Lines Reorganization.
  • Systems and Development plans.

All of this, through management and production principles to provide responses that will improve the internal understanding and development of their organization.

Some of the standard models implemented, are: BSC, ABC, ABM, BPM, CRM, and management surveillance and control.

This area also includes the design and management of technical and functional project offices, since it requires a deep involvement and alignment with organization strategy, processes reengineering and certain activities related to Change Management.

INFISA provides assistance and support to different organizations in order to deploy and redesign their business processes, stressing the obtainment of innovative and company strategy oriented solutions.

INFISA professional team considers consultancy to involve diagnosis, design and development of resource and value making models.

Services offered in this area are:

  • Financial Risk Management Software.
  • Planning, design and development of budgetary models.
  • Development of Working Assets and Treasury models.
  • Change Management Training Projects.
  • Design and development of productive processes improvement systems.
  • Complex appraisal models and dynamic simulation.
  • Role and tasks definitions.

Concerning business redesign and reengineering INFISA offers:

  • Control models and process & procedures management redesign.
  • Process catalogues and records reengineering.
  • Business evidences, indicators and targets reengineering.
  • Procedures and Regulations audit.
  • Quality standards audit.
  • INFISA also includes in this area the development of NIIF and Sarbanne-Oxley (SOX) implantation standard models.

In this area INFISA includes most activities concerning technical implementation and development and more particularly those centred on innovation and standardization of business processes and procedures.

Complex analysis oriented Data Base designs based on Data Warehouse or Data Mart models and data integration under Business Intelligence parameters, are also included in this area.

What INFISA offers in this area has the following features:

  • Knowledge and expertise application.
  • Innovating impulse and ability to integrate new technologies.
  • Continuous improvement processes support.
  • Highly qualified professional team.
  • Clients involvement to develop successful projects through follow-up and quality consistent plans.

Another major feature of this area is the development of tasks for large project offices, concerning requirements on Technologies, Comparative Analysis of different tools and solutions, design of technical models and those of coordination, monitoring and appraisal of quality on implementation projects and on software programs development.