Customized Software

Companies have to face the need to update their Management Models and that has to be controlled with the support of a software system.

Even though for most sectors, there is Global Corporate Resources Management Software that may grant the company satisfactory coverage of their management needs, most frequently software does not suite the Companies’ Management Criteria, and so Custom Software is required.

On that concern, INFISA CONSULTORÍA Y APLICACIONES has a group of development teams with expertise in the following technologies: .Net, Java and ORACLE DEVELOPER.

With this technological expertise we are able to help our Clients to maximize the benefits they can get from the Internet, and to integrate their business processes and their value chain, with flexible, scalable and secure applications.


ORACLE DEVELOPER development environment, together with some other ORACLE tools (Designer, Business Intelligence, Application Server), provides a proprietary web development environment both safe and scalable.

The accessibility of the data base allows functions libraries and simple procedures for departmental solutions with a simple, yet solid, architecture.

INFISA considers ORACLE very adequate for Departmental and Corporate Software Solutions development, requiring complex access to Data Base.

ORACLE Business Intelligence tools, are the most suitable market solutions for the company needs from the strategic and financial point of view (Balanced Scorecard, Financial Reporting, Treasury and Finances Reporting).


INFISA has chosen Java as one of its main technological specialties.

Java is a mature and consolidated language with a wide community of developers. It is Object Oriented and its execution is independent from the development platform.

Because its portability, scalability, open architecture and because of the growth experienced by free software, Java/J2EE has become a strategic language for Financial Organizations and a wide number of Companies and Public Administrations, that are trying to avoid dependence on proprietary environments.


INFISA, promotes the .Net language for quick and solid Web developments on Microsoft Environment.

.NET is an economic, and yet, robust platform for development and solutions that grants fast integrations among companies and uses a common model to access from any type of device (Web, Windows, PDA’s, mobile telephones).

INFISA has an important experience in .Net projects related to web publishing, process management, documentary management and BSC, and recommends this environment as users friendly and easy to work with.


INFISA software development services are based on a solid methodology, on a highly structured and controlled project organization and management, and on the importance granted, both to functional and technical project targets, looking for operative results instead of ideal targets with little practical results. Being that so, INFISA pays special attention to project planning, in order to obtain short-term results.

On the other hand, the union of a highly experienced professional team, with wide functional knowledge in the scope of the project, and the total involvement with client work teams, secures the achievement of the anticipated results. In INFISA projects always reach their aim at a complete client’s satisfaction, and its software is granted during all its life cycle permanent technical and functional support.

1. Functional and Technical Consultancy

INFISA’s success in projects is based on a clear definition of objectives and requirements, on a deep functional knowledge of the concerned business area, on the identification and application of the best methodology for each projects, on the choice of the most suitable technological environment, on the use of task structuring techniques and tools, on team work, on recording of relevant information from the very beginning and a on a thorough monitoring and control of the project.

On the other hand, in INFISA we are convinced of the necessity of short term operative results and so in the convenience of development by phases and in a permanent involvement of the user, to avoid deviations between expected results and reality.

Our consulting services include:

  • Preliminary Consultancy/ Feasibility Study – Identification and valuation of possible solutions
  • Information System Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Valuation of project scope and planning of times and resources

2. Implementation

In INFISA we believe that a software solution implementation requires a suitable selection of the software solution. The perfect solution does not exist, but there is a better solution for each project. On the other hand, it is necessary an appropriate task planning, sizing and planning of resources (technical and professional), knowledge of “business” and its necessities, knowledge of the client’s “culture” and, consequently, to provide a consistent “Change Management” according to the company reality and to the market sector.

Once ensured the knowledge, the resources and “the best solution”, the key element to achieve the success of an implementation project is the total implication of the professionals involved, from the members of the INFISA team up to all the client staff levels (users and high executives).

The tasks associated to implementation: parameter setting, customization, developments, integration with other systems, vertical and horizontal tests, training and setting for production are easy if the previously mentioned requirements are fulfilled.

3. Maintenance

Applications maintenance is a traditionally forgotten or neglected task that, nevertheless, consumes a great amount of resources in most organizations.

INFISA approaches to the tasks of application maintenance with the same methodology as to the most recent and innovative developments. A non-structured and non-documented maintenance service might involve great future efforts even for small changes. Therefore, we consider that application maintenance requires greater structuring and standardizing efforts than a new project. A thorough control of sources programs, versions, and documents is essential.

The new technological tendencies, like for example SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), recommend to reuse all the existing applications in the organizations, developing the new requirements in external layers and completely maintaining the existing solutions. Because of that, INFISA promotes a careful maintenance of existing applications.