INFISA provides, through the Outsourcing services, flexibility as far as the resources effort and multidisciplinary know-how, that the deployment and evolution of the Companies information systems may require, are concerned. The extraordinary reach of these requirements would be nonviable without external resources.

INFISA bases the success of these services on the total commitment of its professional teams with project targets, on the technical and human quality of its professional resources, on a suitable communication with users and on the permanent monitoring and improvement of the offered service levels.

INFISA offers services of outsourcing in applications maintenance, committing with the fulfilment of service levels according to the specific needs of each client.

INFISA offers services on:

  • Preventive maintenance. Anticipating the measures to take to prevent problems as a consequence of changes in the versions of the operating system, data base, management systems, etc.
  • Corrective maintenance. Starting up work procedures that guarantee a reply time according to the nature, importance and urgency of the problem to solve.
  • Evolutionary maintenance. Establishing procedures to allow updating of the applications according to organizational needs, avoiding complex procedures of valuation and discussion of the raised needs.

INFISA treats the application maintenance with full thoroughness, paying special attention to structuring and standardization, to source programs, versions and documents control, in order to facilitate future works and spreading the existing applications useful life.

Technological Infraestructure

Services offered by INFISA in this area are intended to allow its Clients to give up purely technological matters and systems management, so that they can concentrate on their specific businesses.

The services offered cover the main features of the preventive, fixed and update maintenance. These services include:

  • I.T. Architecture. INFISA plays the role of I.T. manager, analyzing, recommending and valuing different solutions, to support the decision-making in each case.
  • Systems and Networks management. Setting up, managing and updating the systems software, managing users, monitoring and improving the performance of servers and network, managing the physical and logical security of systems, solving hardware and software problems, etc.
  • Data Bases Management. Managing the storage space, monitoring and improving the performance of the DB and the applications, managing the backups, etc.
  • Users support. Providing first level support to users in incidences of hardware and system software, as well as functional problems of the corporative applications, setting up and updating the user software, maintaining and managing the users’ computer inventory, normally dispersed and uncontrolled in most organizations

Professional Services

Technical assistance and professional services outsourcing, helps our clients to deal with extraordinary workloads, which frequently have an uncertain scope at the beginning, with sporadic needs on technology or solutions on which the clients IT department has no previous knowledge, etc.

INFISA provides such custom professional services with a team whose technological knowledge and expertise matches with the specific client needs and technological environment. The scope of these services will be also suited to client requirements: sporadic needs, long term services, uncertain term services, etc.

INFISA provides a wide range of professional profiles, such as:

Business and Technical Consultants with expertise in:

  • ERPs
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Treasury & Finances Management
  • Stock and Shares Depositary
  • Syndicated Loans, Investment Funds, Securities, Facilities
  • Documentary Management

Technical Consultants with expertise in:

  • Development Methodology
  • Development Languages
  • Systems Administration and Management
  • Data Base Management Software
  • Systems Plans, etc