INFISA develops and teaches education programs that may be customized to Client and project needs in the following areas: The scope or design (closed or open), the contents: Functional, Technical, Theoretical, Practices, the location: In-house or external, adapted to the trainees learning needs.

The matters offered by INFISA, among others, are:

Functional training in:

  • Treasury management
  • Financial Management (Debt, Financial Contracts)
  • Stocks and Shares depositary
  • Loans, Credits, Investment Funds, Securities, Facilities, Derivatives
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting

Technical training in:

  • Development Methodology
  • Development Languages
  • Systems Management and Administration
  • Data Base Management Software

INFISA Standard Programs include:

Technical programs:

  • Data Base Administration.
  • PL*SQL.
  • Oracle Developer (Forms & Reports).
  • Oracle Discoverer.
  • .NET
  • XML

Applied Technology Programs:

  • Financial reporting.
  • Excel and Oracle applied to finances.
  • Business Intelligence for financial users.

INFISA’s Products

  • SIMS*Valores (Stocks and Shares depositary)
  • Tesorería y Deuda Anotada.(Treasury and Registered Debt)
  • SIMS*Tesorería y Derivados. (Treasury and Derivatives)
  • SIMS*AFIN. (Debt Management)
  • SIMS*AFIN.- Reporting


  • Treasury Management
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Instruments appraisal
  • Risks appraisal